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Animal-Assisted Therapy

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Learn More about Whisper Hill

In February of 2013, JJ Thom produced this video explaining who Whisper Hill is, what we do, and how we help the community. If you’d like to know more about us, this video tells it all!

Heavy Horses

This video isn’t of Whisper Hill Clydesdales, but it’s a gorgeous ode to how beautiful these ‘heavy horses’ are.

100 Cars for Good

Whisper Hill wins a truck in Toyota's 100 Cars for GoodIn March of 2014, Whisper Hill was one of 100 winners of Toyota’s “100 Cars for Good” contest. Over 1,000 charities submitted proposals to win a Toyota vehicle to help with their missions. Toyota narrowed the entries to 250, then put those 250 out on Facebook for the public to vote. Since then, Whisper Hill has used this truck extensively to increase its reach in the community and improve its services.


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