Volunteers play a special role at Whisper Hill.  When you volunteer, we are able to expand and improve our programs.  As a team, volunteers enable us to touch the lives of many individuals.

Working with Whisper Hill is a terrific way to make a difference in your community. We all want to contribute, but unlike Bill Gates, most of us need to make our difference with sweat equity. When you volunteer at Whisper Hill, you not only make a meaningful contribution, but you also can choose from among a variety of activities that will be fun and rewarding for you!

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Travel with us when we are doing our wagon rides, our petting zoo or our pony rides. Duties include horse handling, grooming, babysitting, helping special needs clients, and pony ride assistants.
  • Fix or mend buildings on the farm or paint boards
  • Help with lawn mowing and weed eating and general property maintenance
  • Help with field work, such as driving a tractor, helping during hay bailing time, or harvesting time
  • Provide general maintenance on our equipment such as greasing bearings, changing oil, change tires
  • Write grants
  • Provide photography and video production
  • Host a fundraising event

Contact: Tim Wiskow, (920) 322-0636, whisperhillclydes@yahoo.com

If interested in volunteering or would like more information, call 920-322-0636.