Whisper Hill Clydesdales Special Needs

The Story of the Present to the Future

 A few moments in time can change the course of history.  My life changed when I founded a non-profit organization called Whisper Hill Clydesdales Special Needs.  My name is Tim Wiskow and in the next few minutes I would like to go over my inspiring business endeavors.  My organization comes at a time when people need the most support and given hope where there is none.  The wagon services we will provide go to where help will be received.  Such places are nursing homes, hospitals, special events and working with many Handicapped and Special Needs Agencies through out the United States…  As time passes and my organization grows, so too will the benefits.  I hope to draw people from all over the United States by providing a therapeutic Dude Ranch and Stable in the near future.  The challenges for my organization are just beginning.  Let me take you through the doors of my future welcoming center.

Sliding back the doors on their large steel rollers, the Whisper Hill Stables Welcoming Center emerges.  Special people and guests will be mesmerized by Clydesdale draft horses grazing in the pastures through the barn’s open rear door.  Greeted by a volunteer, you will be briefly taken through what to expect and what we expect from you during your time at our stable.  As the tour continues, you will soon be in the petting area of the stable.  This area accommodates wheel chair access to pens or walk-up areas, which makes touching a baby calf, miniature horse, Clydesdale draft horse, sheep, or llamas, easy and controlled.  Allowing you to feel the warmth from the animals helps open hearts and minds alike to our learning center.

The freedom to move that we take for granted our handicapped and special needs friends have to struggle with every day.  Freedom to move to many areas with great ease will be a focus of my center.  After the petting area and the learning center, visitors will be able to do as they please.  For example, one might decide to have a picnic lunch out in the shaded area, near the pastures to watch the Clydesdales or the cows grazing on the land.  Several shelters will be over the property so you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful country scenery and air.  With so many options, visitors will be hoping for a second day on the property.  This is the moment visitors have been waiting for, a trip, a journey.

Next we will venture over to the wagon hitching and loading area which is surrounded by the warm green grass and blue sky.  Living in Wisconsin, we need to plan for the weather.  Of course if our day is beautiful, we will go for a horse drawn wagon ride pulled by a team of Clydesdales which will give my special guests another chance to see the beautiful country side out on the trail blazed land.  On the other hand, the oversized arena will make the best of any damp Wisconsin day.  The elements of the weather will not affect us.  A wagon ride that they could only have dreamed about, until now, will be underway.  Would you like to try your hand at driving yourself?

Another area that I’m looking into is called therapeutic driving.  The difference between therapeutic driving and therapeutic riding is that riding requires lower body strength where as driving does not.  Therefore, a disabled person who has the upper body strength would be able to participate in the driving.  They are able to use their upper body for driving a horse and cart.  Therapeutic riding is where the clients go up on the horse but there are so many clients that can’t because of their disability limitations.  However, with driving, anyone with upper body strength can learn to drive a horse and wagon.  This ride I’m hoping will put the biggest smiles ever on these people’s faces because we all know they deserve it.  I tell myself everyday, the sky is the limit.

Limits are what I’m hoping my organization will break.  In order to break these limits, I foresee many challenges along the way.  Many challenges for my organization will be the requests for corporate and individual sponsorships to help achieve this goal.  There are many real needs such as a horse trailers and pickup trucks to pull the horses and wagons to special places until the therapeutic fun center stable and dude ranch are built.  There is a need for monetary donations to help pay for insurance costs, newer trailers and other expenses.  Coming so far with everyone’s help, these obstacles will not stand in my way for long and the Stables of Whisper Hill Clydesdales Special Needs will open the doors of the fun center dude ranch to the general public.

Historically, Clydesdales have had a long exciting history of struggle and achievement in Wisconsin.  Their inspiring story reflects Old World Wisconsin, the art of farming both past and present.  The learning center’s resources will include exhibits, as well as hands on learning experiences.  Horse drawn equipment and various milking units will be on display.  Much attention to present technology will be paid to inspire the hearts and minds, using video, computer, and interactive long distance learning.

Soon, the bright sky of our Wisconsin horizon will be seen by many.  I will be putting the smiles on the faces of these special people.  I’m seeking any type of help where you are willing to donate time, energy, and/or money to help get this organization the kick-start it needs! Anything I can get in words of help in order to make this organization grow is welcome.

Over the next 5 to 10 years, this will become a multi-million dollar project.  I’m seeking a grant writer or writers to help me find any form of grants that would be available to the organization or any other moneys to make this dream become a reality.

Tangible needs include: Pickup Trucks, 30 foot horse trailers for hauling the horses and wagons, the wagons that the horses pull my special needs clients, cheaper insurance, and training carts or fore carts to make sure the gentle giants are well broke and completely safe before their big venture. Meadow Brook carts or carts of that nature that are even wheel chair accessible for teaching or instructing our special friends how to drive a horse.

Another large need is 100 to 200 acres of land and an equestrian center (therapeutic fun center dude ranch) where my special guests will have one of the best days of their lives.

Most but not least, I need people just like you who have the interest and maybe the know how to help with my endeavor and help put the Whisper Hill Smile on that special person’s face to last a lifetime!!

I need people to help me plan this, people to help with fundraisers and organize, people to help locate a good place to purchase 100 to 200 acres of land to build the stable.  This is not only for the community of Fond du Lac and the surrounding areas. I’m trying to get this project spread all across the entire United States where people from all over will come to Wisconsin to participate in this unique equestrian experience and see how lives are being changed.  I have sent a newspaper article written about the start of my organization out to numerous other papers throughout the United States in order to gain inquires.  A few people that I have contacted and sent emails to are the Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Charities, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Action Advertiser, New York Times, Nashville Tennessean, and a few others but so far I have gotten no response.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in my story, please send it to them or refer them to us.

I would like to say thank you to all my family and friends that have and are still supporting me with all my endeavors.  A Very Special Thank You to my Parents Darrell and Annette Wiskow who have been behind me 100% of the way.  Dad, thank you for the past 6 years for all you have helped me do with my horses and for all the hay and grain that you and mom could have sold but because you have believed in me you have been there on my side.  If it wasn’t for Mom and Dad and family and friends, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.  Thank you everyone from the inner depths of my heart!

Tim Wiskow

W2305 Poplar Road

Fond du Lac, WI 54937



Whisper Hill Clydesdales Special Needs is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations of any sorts are completely tax deductible as provided by law.